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About ERS


Established in 1995 in Singapore, we specialize in manufacturing and supplying server racks, engineering cabinets, aisle containment systems, and accessories. Trusted by renowned data centers in Singapore and Malaysia, we also partner with buyers outside these territories.


Our award-winning products and commitment to innovation ensure we consistently meet our clients' needs. With a focus on excellence and customer satisfaction, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that optimize data center operations. Discover the ERS Industries difference and let us empower your business with our reliable and innovative products.

Through the collaboration with the IHPC (Institute of High Performance Computing), use of Supercomputers from the National Supercomputing Centre of Singapore, were used to design and developed our E@Rack.

"ERS is the first and only Singapore-based rack manufacturer for the data centre industry to use CFD simulations in the design process and verify CFD-assisted design upon deployment"*

*Zero To 30 Singapore’s Supercomputing Journey, 2018

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