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"Remaining open-minded towards new ideas and having a determination to deliver practical solutions aligned with the industry’s needs were instrumental in our business growth and success."

- C K Cheong, Chief Executive Officer


ERS Industries Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based data center solutions company.  We are currently focused on delivering relevant breakthrough technology that meets today's Green Data Center and Secured Data Center requirements.

Since 1995, we have been providing our own brand of solutions from white space capacity optimization, critical environment analysis and consulting, last mile physical access security, and more recently low-power passive heat removal and on-demand cooling.

In 2014, our E@Rack was recognized as being innovative in its design , development, and performance delivering improved airflow and heat dissipation.  This was  an ideal choice for many data centres who seek to address high power load and heat management issues.  E@Rack won the A*STAR T-Up Excellence Award in the same year.

In 2017, ERS launched its 2FA/3FA DC Physical Security solution in order to support requorements for high-security access control and accounting to meet data center's need to comply to ISO27001 and provide an audit trail.

In 2018, ERS launched its KoolLogix line of passive heat removal with on-demand cooling solution, leveraging on the strengths and benefits of rack-based and row-based cooling.  And is positioned as an engineering innovation.

ERS serve as an active contributing member on the Tropical Data Centre Steering Committee led by Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) of Singapore.  ERS has been its member since 2016.

DC White Space Capacity Optimization

DC Last Mile

Physical Security Protection

DC Critical Environment Analysis

DC Low-Power Heat Removal and Cooling Technology

Company Updates

The Importance of Innovation and IP Protection

IPOS interview ERS to share about how we look at innovation and IP Protection

ERS interview on the importance on innovation and protecting intellectual properties.

WIPO-IPOS IP Awards 2018 Interview Clip

Grand Finalist for 2018 WIPO-IPOS Awards

Introducing ERS Gx as one of the Finalist of the awards.

Stay Cool with KoolContainment

Low-Power Gravity Driven Heat Removal Solution with On-Demand Cooling Gets Thumbs Up

In July, ERS soft launched its gravity-driven refrigerant-based KoolContainment - a low-power passive heat removal system that aims at bringing about massive energy cost savings for data centers.

The technology uses no compressor, has a shared hot-aisle called a Staging Chamber, which is intended to reduce the number of heat removal module for better optimization and ability to introduce redundancies as required for Tier III and IV DC  Operations.

For more information on KoolContainment, please contact ERS at

IPI Singapore: 5 Question with the CEO - C K Cheong of ERS

Tapping on open innovation to add value to data centres

ERS, a Singapore-based small and medium enterprise (SME) established in 1995, has transformed itself from being a specialist in server racking systems for data centres to being a data centre solutions company.

The Essentials of IP and IP Strategy in Open Innovation

ERS is featured as a case study at Future Economy Conference & Exhibition 2017

Dr. Sze Tiam Lin, Senior Director of IPI Singapore, used ERS as a case study to deliver his message on "The Essentials of IP and IP Strategy in Open Innovation".


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